When is the biggest morning tea in 2024 and what do people do?

Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is one of Australia’s largest and most successful yearly charity events. All proceeds from the events assist the NSW Cancer Council accomplish its objectives in the following ways:

  • Providing information and guidance to Australian cancer sufferers.
  • Sponsoring schools SunSmart Programme
  • Paying nurses to give counselling and support services to cancer patients
  • Providing transportation and accommodations for cancer patients who must travel for treatment.
  • Volunteers get annual training to continue supporting cancer patients and people affected by cancer.
  • Funding for cancer research projects
  • Nurses continue to help cancer patients owing to donations donated by Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea.

How can we help?

Anyone may donate to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea by going to the NSW Cancer Council website; but, if you want to participate in the event, you can arrange your own Biggest Morning Tea!

Hosting a morning tea provides more benefits than just generating much-needed cash for the NSW Cancer Council. It’s also an excellent occasion to catch up with friends, family, or coworkers over a cup of tea. We live in a fast-paced world these days, so it’s necessary to take breaks and interact with people on occasion!

Do you want to host your own Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea?

If you want to organise your own Biggest Morning Tea, here’s how to get started and make the most of your event.

Set a date and place.

The official date for the NSW Cancer Council’s Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is Thursday, May 24. You are not required to conduct your event on this day, but attempt to schedule it as close to the official date as feasible. 

You may then promote your event at the same time as the Cancer Council, keeping it relevant. Choose a location with good visibility and simple access for your volunteers to set up and take down. Some examples are the lunchroom at your company or a location outside a nearby retail mall. Just make sure you have permission from the appropriate individuals before shutting the facility.

Your event setup may include:

  • Tables and seats enable visitors to relax and enjoy their morning tea.
  • A tea and coffee stand where customers may serve themselves.
  • The event will have a ‘buffet table’ for morning tea catering and a registration station for entrance fees and raffle tickets.

Register your event.

Make sure to register your event on the official Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website. Once you’ve registered, you’ll have access to a wealth of materials and tools to help you plan and market your event. There are even checklists to help you get ready on the day. You’ll be assigned a ‘Fundraising Hub’ that will make it simpler to gather and monitor contributions.

Shout it from the roofs!

Inform your coworkers, friends, and family that you are throwing the Biggest Morning Tea event and ask them to attend. Request that neighbourhood shops and cafés put your poster on their notice boards or in their store windows. If you have a Facebook account, create an event and invite your friends or customers to attend the morning tea. After registering, you may even get adorable printable posters and invites from the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website!

Set a fundraising goal.

Before you start asking for contributions, set a realistic goal for how much money you want to collect. Make sure to notify prospective attendees how much you want to earn and keep them updated on your progress towards that goal as time goes on.

Ask for assistance

Put out a call to friends, relatives, and coworkers to assist volunteer at your event. You’ll need someone to handle payments on the day, someone to sell raffle tickets, and, of course, a team of excited bakers to prepare your morning tea! Encourage your bakery staff to create foods that can be easily sold as slices or single servings.

Examples include cupcakes, muffins, slices, scones, and lamingtons. If you need inspiration, visit the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website for ideas!  You might also explore collaborating with a local café or caterer: they could provide the location and some basic meals, while you handle the event advertising and logistics.

Hands grasping the heart.

Approach your workplace for help.

Request that your workplace support your event with a monetary gift, a location, or the participation of your coworkers on the day. Organising a fundraising needs a significant amount of dedication and assistance, therefore the more people who can assist you, the simpler it will be.

Make a flat rate gift.

Consider charging a fixed price for admittance into your event depending on your fundraising goal. For example, you may charge a $5 contribution per person for a cup of tea or coffee and a piece of cake, scone, or muffin.

Make it easier to give.

Before the event, plan a float so that you can provide change. If you can have an EFTPOS machine or other payment mechanism accessible on the day, it will help you raise more funds. Make it as quick and straightforward as possible for individuals to make donations on the spot!

Hold a raffle.

Organising a raffle is an excellent method to increase your contributions on the day. Approach nearby companies, including your company, and ask them to give gifts for you to raffle.

Share your story.

After the event, be sure to share the results with people who supported you! Upload your images to the Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea website and remember to share them on social media to show your friends and customers how you’re helping a good cause.

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