Catering and Family-Size Delivery Menu


We understand during the pandemic period, you might work at home or do not want to take risk while shopping or dine out. So these menus are for you and your family. Easy! Quick! Affordable!

Ideas for your whole family or party, catering, meeting —

Family Size Delivery Menu

  • S-Posta Assorted gourmet sourdough or turkish sandwiches / wraps
    $9.90 each
    Assorted sourdough, tortilla wraps & turkish bread filled with your favourite exotic fillings. Minimum from six sandwiches in a tray.
  • Gluten Free Assorted Sandwiches
    $9.90 each
    These sandwiches are grain free, low gi, low carb, high in protein and taste great. Minimum from four sandwiches in a tray.
  • S-Posta Square pies( 480-500g)
    $ 45.90/ half dozen $ 79.80/ one dozen
    Beef & mushroom / Chicken & leek
  • S-Posta Assorted Triangle Point Sandwiches
    $8.90 each
    Sliced white, rye, wholemeal & multigrain bread filled with Sette Posta's finest combinations. Includes vegetarian options. Minimum from six sandwiches in a tray.
  • S-Posta Pasta Bake ( 3.8-4.0kg, 9 serves)
    $ 45.90
    Chicken & vegies/ Tuna/ Vegetarian
  • S-Posta Quiche (3.8-4.0kg, 9 serves)
    $ 45.90
    Bacon & cheese
  • S-Posta Lasagne (3.8-4.0kg, 9 serves)
    $ 45.90
    Prime beef/ Chicken/ Vegetarian
  • S-Posta Frittata (3.8-4.0kg, 9 serves)
    $ 45.90
  • S-Posta seasonal fruit platter
    $69.90 /8 guests $109.90/15 guests
  • S-Posta Muffins
    $21.90/ half dozen $ 39.90/one dozen
    Mixed berries/ Orange & poppy seed/ Choc chip