Catering Packages for Every Event in Redfern

If you need to carry out research or organise office or corporate catering in Redfern, there are a few population catering options.

Catering comes in a wide variety of unique shapes and styles. One of your first concerns should be the kind of event you’re planning and the cost or budget of catering.

These are some common types of catered events and their average costs.

Breakfast Catering

Catering an event for breakfast is one of the more economical options. Breakfast catering is a popular choice for special events and business meetings, despite not being the most popular kind of food. Breakfast catering might cost anything from $10 to $30 per person.

Lunch Catering

Meals are usually provided separately packed or as a buffet. A buffet-style meal may be chosen if you want to offer your guests a variety of selections; they usually run between $25 and $50 per person. For a slightly lower budget, you might also go with a simple option like a salad and sandwich combo.

Dinners on Plates

The greatest menu selections, unique flavour combinations, and visually striking presentations that a caterer can provide are often found in plated dinners. A dinner catering menu package typically costs between $60 and $150 per person.


The most popular alternatives for cocktail parties are appetisers. The cost of catering will depend on how much food you want to serve each guest and how many people are attending your cocktail party. Bite-sized canapes like a prosciutto roll cost roughly $3–6 per piece, while other options like mini burger sliders and meat skewers could cost $5–10 per piece.

Average Price of Food and Beverage for Catering

You may be wondering what kind of catering package would be most useful to you now that you are aware of the many kinds and costs of catering services.

Nevertheless, depending on your budget, catering packages might provide a variety of outcomes. You may anticipate receiving entrees, sides, and salads along with less expensive flatware and plates if you choose a less expensive catering package. You should anticipate better-quality plates and utensils as your budget grows.

For more expensive catering menu options, a greater selection of dishes and ingredients are offered. Complete dinners, starting with appetisers and ending with desserts, are included in more costly catering packages. The greatest option if you want to save money is to choose a mid-range catering package.

Request to have such items omitted whenever possible if you have your own cutlery to use or don’t want to pay for any. The majority of businesses will abide by this or already provide a catering menu bundle without silverware.

Although choosing a catering menu package is difficult, you now have the fundamentals.

Every event may have a customised menu, and costs might vary substantially based on the style chosen.

Either way, you will find it easy to select a package that suits your demands if you leave it in the hands of a competent corporate catering company in Sydney.

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